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One would wonder on the words Saint and Soldier connected together and what they depict . Both words are contrast in nature and have a different style of functioning. Saint depicts a person with spiritual power and mindful of preaching religion requiring others to follow the path of great religious leaders with all humbleness and tolerance on the other hand, Soldier is known for his valour, strength and bravery. And this is the great social reformer Mrs. Shanta Chopra who echoed the theme of establishing such an educational society which could dispense with the characteristics of both the inner meanings in a combined form to give it a united glimpse.

With this very noble idea in her mind she wanted to have such an institution which will produce such a brilliance which could be a saint at heart and soldier at strength. And ultimately a society in the name and style of St. Soldier Educational Society came into existance.

Mrs. Shanta Chopra, Founder
St. Soldier Educational Society

The very first school was opened in 1958 in the city to spread the light of education and knowledge. The tiny saple that was planted in 1958 has grown into a big tree having strong base and branches spread not only in Punjab but also to other states upto Delhi. New schools and colleges in dozens have been set up since 1958 which provide not only academic education but also education in management studies and technical fields. Presently society has the pride to run more than 27 institutions having its own elegant building equipped with science laboratories, libraries and other infrastructure. The society has taken full care of the institutions be situated in the pollution free areas where students would be able to have quality and job oriented education in healthy atmosphere with all co-curricular activities including games, social and cultural activities.

Mr. Anil Chopra
St. Soldier Educational Society
Mrs Sangeeta Chopra
Vice Chairperson
St. Soldier Educational Society
Mrs. Alka Gupta
St, Soldier College of Education