The Principal's Message

Is a matter of great pride & honour to be associated with St. Soldier College of Education Jalandhar. The main aim of Education is Personality development of individual, besides imbibing knowledge in their minds.

According to Vedanta philosophy to develop the wholesome personality of an individual, Value Education should be the base . I quote :-
  • “Watch your Value . they make your Sanskar.
  • Watch your Sanskar , they make your Feelings.
  • Watch your feelings , they make your Thoughts.
  • Watch your thoughts, they make your Words .
  • Watch your Words , they make your Actions.
  • Watch your Actions, they make your Habits.
  • Watch your Habits , they make your Destiny”.
Confronted with this gigantic task of ennobling the ‘body, mind and soul’ of the educand , the educator of today anywhere in the world finds himself on murky seas unable to reach the light house. And it is in this atmosphere of uncertainty and self assailing doubts thar one is pumped up and fully recharged to see around oneself a band of sincere and motivated teachers of St. Soldier College of Education who have thoroughly and truly vowed to adopt the credo of ‘Victory with Determination.

It would be dabbling in an exaggerated sense of complacency to believe that we have performed magnificently and have achieved Grade ‘A’ from NAAC

I welcome you all to this prestigious institution and hope that this institution will really help you to attain your goal.

Dr. (Mrs.) Alka Gupta