Internal Quality Assurance Cell

To provide competent and dedicated teachers to the society is the goal of our institution. Our institution aims to provide quality teacher education. For the achievement of our goal, we realized that to meet the standards of quality, well-designed quality measures are needed. Hence, with a view to have quality checks and quality control in the institution, St. Soldier College of Education, Behind REC (NIT), Bye-Pass, Jalandhar established Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in 2009.

Functions of IQAC :

  • To promote, design, develop and monitor quality assurance activities of the college.
  • To promote quality consciousness and contributions of all units and functionaries of the institution.
  • To get an overview of the quality practices of an institutions.
  • To examine the practices followed by all the units of the institution.

Executive Structure :
Chairperson : Principal
Co-ordinator : Mrs. Ravneet Kaur

Organizing and developing Resources

  • Self-learning Approach is adopted
  • Workshops, seminars, orientation programmes are conducted for staff.
  • Study materials are developed by course team.
  • Feedback studies on institutional activities.
  • Utilizing feedback and follow up work.
  • Audio-visual teaching learning materials.
  • Some feedback studies are conducted on the effectiveness of teacher performance.
  • Self appraisal of teachers.

Programme Administration

  • Academic Guidance and Counseling Cell
  • Grievance Redressal Cell
  • IQAC of the college has developed detailed quality indicators and performance measures of learner support services.


  • Unit tests (Class Test), terminal test, Preliminary test
  • Preparation of an academic calendar to regulate the activities of admission and course transaction
  • Computerization of trainees data and processing of examination results for speedy declaration of the results.
  • Developments of quality guidelines for the examination operations.


  • The college has adopted simple, measurable, accountable, responsible and transparent administrative system
  • Computer technology is used for data management.
  • The physical facilities have been improved to create proper conditions for effective functioning.
  • Institutional arrangements like administrative committee, students council etc. have been created to ensure a more participatory system of governance.
  • Manuals have been developed defining the individual responsibility of staff.
  • Transparency has been introduced in the working of management bodies and provision of services.
  • All the records of operations have been made open.
  • The college practices many welfare measures for the staff such as prayer and meditation to develop the feelings of togetherness and to motivate them to give their best to the institution.
  • The vision and mission statement of the college is widely disseminated for everybody to make sense of the activities of the college.
  • Development of shared vision and mission of the college among all the staff and trainees.

System Development

  • From the beginning, the college has taken some initiatives for system development activities which have contributed to the quality operation.
  • The research cell and `Academic Guidance and Counseling Cell’ have been established. The activities of this unit helps in improving the quality of system.
  • The IQAC of the college contributed to the assessment of the institution
  • The IQAC tries to establish a link between research, evaluation, studies and review reports and the working of the institution.
  • IQAC provides a system for self improvement.